Free parenting program for traumatized children

The class encourages communication, mutual respect and consistency

A new parenting program is teaching guardians and children how to work together.

New River Valley Community Services (NRVCS) is hosting the free, six-week course. The organization mostly serves low-income families, but this class is for anyone.

For the first time ever, the program focuses on children who have lived through trauma like abuse, homelessness or divorce.

"A loving and supportive family and a loving and supportive environment can help them deal with the trauma they've had in their lives. It helps build resilience," said Cat Songers, a parent coach.

The curriculum is for kids, as well.

"Hopefully learn communication skills, ways to express themselves," said Mike Wade, the communications and outreach coordinator for NRVCS. "Hopefully, long-term this makes them a better parent at some point down the road."

The next free parenting program will be in Giles and Floyd County this spring.

To learn more or to register, email Leslie Beasley at lbeasley@nrvcs.org or call her at 540-250-1814.

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