List for Bedford County Sheriff's Office seat grows

Current Sheriff Mike Brown will retire at end of 2019


BEDFORD, Va. – Capt. Mike Miller currently works for the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office. He is one of thecontenders for Sheriff Mike Brown’s seat, who’s retiring at the end of the year. 

Miller said with no intentions of raising taxes he has created a five-year plan of things to tackle if he’s elected. They are: keep the crime rate low, hold quarterly meetings with county leaders and community members, give all deputies a pay raise, and add more deputies on the road, plus more school resource officers at the elementary schools — because right now they don’t have any.

“Our population is growing and so is our call for service ... So we’re stretched out right now to the max and the deputies need some relief to be able to have more manpower out there, to be able to help get our calls answered quicker,” Miller said.

Miller has some competition; Kent Robey will be running, too. 
The Bedford native moved back to the area two years ago after retiring from federal law enforcement.

Robey say his top priority is addressing school safety, reviewing the division’s current plans and keeping an open line of communication with teachers and parents about the plans.

“I believe in layers of security. I’m not going to stop a school shooting. But I do believe if you put enough layers of security and make it tougher for someone to get into a facility, we’ve got a better chance at stopping it,” Robey said.

Tim Hayden, who currently works with the Sheriff’s Office is expected to announce his run Tuesday morning at Central Virginia Community College’s Bedford campus.

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