Pedestrian wants drivers to be careful near Garden City greenway

ROANOKE, Va.- – A safety alert for anyone using the new Garden City greenway in Roanoke., a man who uses the greenway often wants drivers to pay attention to people crossing on the trail.

Ernest Bell tells 10 News he doesn't want someone to get hurt or killed.

"I have been experiencing just about being run over three different times," said Bell. 

Bell said it's dangerous for him to cross the street back to his car in the old Piggly Wiggly shopping center. 

"I don't know if speed is a big factor but they need to be watching right here at this intersection. And when you make the right hand turn off of Garden City Boulevard, you just don't know. We're not looking back. But of course, I will be from now on," said Bell. 

The greenway was recently expanded, connecting the Garden City trail with the existing Roanoke River greenway. Roanoke City Parks and Recreation wants people to pay attention to the new changes.

"For vehicular traffic be on the lookout because this was not a pedestrian corridor previously. And now it is. So we need to make sure we are paying attention at that intersection. You're going to see a lot more bicycle and pedestrian traffic," said Stephanie Long.

Bell said he always waits for the signal to use the crosswalk and checks traffic coming from both Garden City Boulevard and Riverland Road. 

"I have my family with me. My wife and my daughter sometimes. And I don't want to see anybody get hurt. I don't want to see the people in the cars get hurt," said Bell. 

And just to make sure everyone is safe, Parks and Rec wants to involve law enforcement departments.   

"So we are going to reach out to the RPD to talk to them about any way that we can work together to look at enforcement or increased police patrols. Just to maybe curb any type of speeding in the area," said Long.