Roanoke restaurant owners open new location

Food Fanatics Kitchen has unique menu

ROANOKE, Va. – The owners of a Roanoke restaurant have opened a new location that has a unique menu.

Food Fanatics Kitchen opened earlier this month in southwest Roanoke on the corner of 6th St. and Marshall Ave. For the last 12 years, the owners, Peter and Sara Radjou, have been running Taaza, which offers Indian and Mediterranean dishes in Grandin Village.

The new restaurant is based on typical American food, but with creative ingredients added in.

“We're not your normal pizza place. We're not your normal sandwich shop,” said Cathy Radjou, a manager and the owners’ daughter. “We've got Indian-fusion within pizzas. We've got this Triple B burger that you will definitely find nowhere else in Roanoke.”

Bacon is featured on many items, an inspiration that comes from Peter Radjou, who’s also the chef at Roanoke Catholic School, and has won many bacon cooking competitions, including a nationwide event in Alabama.

“We've studied many different cuisines and art forms just to get that flavor the exact way and that you won't find anywhere  else,” Cathy Radjou said.

Food Fanatics Kitchen is open weekdays for dinner and weekends from lunch and dinner. It opens at 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and at noon Saturday and Sunday.