Floyd County residents digging out of snow

ROANOKE, Va.- – People in the New River Valley woke up to about 3 inches of snow.

The snow totals range from 1 to 3 inches for Floyd County, and then came the ice. There was up to a third of an inch of freezing rain. VDOT crews were out and about clearing roads for drivers. The impact of the weather closed schools in the area. But the snow didn't stop people from making a quick trip to the local grocery store for snacks. 

"This one here is not quite as bad. The power went out the last one. Route 8 is pretty clear but some of the back roads are still pretty slippery," said James Chaffin.

According to the Appalachian Power website, there are no power outages reported in Floyd. 

People who didn't want to spend their day inside visited the Floyd Country Store. It was one of the handful of businesses open in town despite the weather. Owners of the country store say they were faced with the decision to close on a bad weather day. But they always like to be open as a place for people to hang out and grab lunch.  

"There are times when it doesn't make sense for our staff. It's better for our staff to stay put and keep people and (at) home safe. So every once in a while we do have to make that decision. But as much as possible we like to keep the doors open, even if it's a small crowd, we still like to do what we do here at the Floyd Country Store and it makes people happy. And we love doing it," said Dylan Locke, owner of Floyd Country Store.