Judge dismisses Dumas injunction

ROANOKE, Va.- – A disputed historic property deal ended in a Roanoke courtroom today.  Melvin Hill, a lawyer representing the Dumas Hotel Legacy Inc. wanted a judge to grant a preliminary injunction to stop the sale agreement of the Dumas Center from being terminated. 

Total Action for Progress says the potential buyer did not meet the conditions of the agreement and missed deadlines.

Their attorney, Chris Stevens, states Dumas was given 45 days from the start of the contract to provide a committment letter from a financial institution. DHL argues they didn't have enough time, even though they submitted two deposits of $20,000 each and a term sheet from a bank. 

Dismissing the case, the circuit court judge ruled a term sheet is not a commitment., but Dumas officials are still hopeful. 

"TAP is willing and happy to provide a new contract with the words that the lawyer spoke, so we are going with that. God has got this, and we are going to own Dumas," said Shuura Glenn.

It's not know what will happen to the deposits already paid.