Danville community rallies around man battling lymphoma

Restaurants, individuals raising money to help Jason Long

DANVILLE, Va. – The Danville community is coming together to help one of their own.

Jason Long is battling lymphoma and hopes to receive a bone marrow transplant soon.

The transplant is expected to cost $1 million.

Long is a familiar face at many restaurants in Danville.

"I actually started working in the restaurant business when I was 20 years old," Long said.

He's held different jobs at several spots...and now all of the years of hard work are paying off as he battles lymphoma.

Buffalo Wild Wings has held two fundraisers, Frank's Italian Restaurant is holding a fundraiser March 2 and Nikki's Restaurant has expressed interest in a future event.

"It's actually been shocking. I didn't know how many people have compassion on people," Long said.

Along with the restaurants, local churches, a school, a brewery and a local cake maker are supporting Long.

In all, Long estimates between $10,000 and $15,000 have been raised.

"Some of them just said if they were in a similar situation they would hope that somebody would reach out to them," Long said when asked why so many businesses and individuals are supporting him.

Long's wife, Katherine, has set up a Facebook page so people can follow Jason's journey.

It's been a blessing, she said.

For example, someone she had never met before, but who knows Jason, saw her in the grocery store and gave her a gift card for groceries.

"I was so baffled that I didn't know how to react aside from just saying, 'Thank you.'  She was upset and crying. We were just hugging," Katherine said.

She said the community support sends an important message about Danville.

"Everybody's so hard on Danville and always looks at the negatives with Danville, but it really is a great community."

Jason hopes to start his bone marrow transplant in about six weeks

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