New deep dive skimmers emerging in Southwest Virginia

Device is designed to steal card numbers at ATMs, gas pumps

Credit: Patrick County Sheriff's Office
Credit: Patrick County Sheriff's Office

PATRICK COUNTY, Va. – Scammers are working on new ways to steal your hard-earned money.

The device pictured above, a deep dive skimmer, is relatively new and being used in Southwest Virginia, according to the Patrick County Sheriff's Office.

The purpose of the device is to steal your card number at ATMs and gas pumps.


Unlike previous skimmers, the Sheriff's Office says this skimmer is installed in a way that it is not visible to the card user.

The thieves are also using a very small camera to capture PINs when they are following the insertion of a card.

The Sheriff's Office explains that the cameras are so small that they can be hidden beneath the shrouds installed on some card readers to prevent an onlooker from seeing your PIN.

As a way to counteract these skimmers, the Sheriff's Office recommends that people shield the keypad with their hand while entering the PIN to block detection of any camera which may have been hidden.

Furthermore, it's recommended to keep regular checks on your card activity and notify your bank if you detect any suspicious activity. 

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