Search continues for missing Bedford County woman

Lina Toot, 83, owns 250 acres of land, a saw team will cut bushes, trees to look

BEDFORD, Va. – On Monday, water was still dripping off the shoes of Bedford's Search and Rescue Special Response Team.

The group of 12 spent several hours over the weekend searching in a creek for 83-year-old Lina "Pat" Toot, who police said has Sundowners syndrome and wandered away from her Moneta home Friday.

"Saturday the water was well up because of all the rain. You know, creek's most time is 2-3 inches. That day was 5 to 6 feet. So it made it difficult on our guys," said Kevin Mustgrove, deputy task force leader for Bedford Fire Search and Rescue.

Weather has been a damper the last few days with nonstop rain Friday and Saturday. And now, heavy winds Monday have it's put a hold on flying drones and a helicopter to look for Toot.

"It's really hindered us because we can't use the aerial support. We can't use different tools in our belt because of the weather," said Cpt. Mike Miller with the Bedford Sheriff's Office.

Police said Toot owns 250 acres of land and throughout the week a saw team will cut through five acres of bushes and trees.

"We've diagrammed it off. For instance, we'll go 40 feet, cut a line in and make a square, then go 40 feet make a square. So we're able to look through this thicket is what we're trying to do," Miller said.

Authorities are asking the community to continue looking in their backyards and check the camera on their properties.

"We're looking for an individual that is confused. So this individual may have moved potentially from position to position. So just because you checked your barn today doesn't mean you shouldn't check it tomorrow," said Chief Jack Jones Jr. with Bedford Co. Fire Rescue.

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