Police search apartment as part of deadly hit-and-run investigation, warrants show

Linda Pierson, 58, of Roanoke, was killed Feb. 13


ROANOKE, Va. – Search warrants show investigators have searched an apartment in connection with the investigation into the hit-and-run crash that killed 58-year-old Linda Pierson.

Pierson died earlier this month after the crash in downtown Roanoke.

As previously reported, police spoke with the owner of a Chevy Silverado found parked on Highland Avenue, which is believed to be the vehicle that hit Pierson.

The warrants show investigators had clearance to go inside the apartment where the truck was parked and seize any laptops or cellphone, as well as documentation involving the truck, including any receipts for car repairs made since the incident.

The warrants do not show that police seized anything.

A Roanoke police spokeswoman says they cannot confirm whether or not the man who owns the truck is a suspect.

She says the investigation is "very active.”