Henry County rescue squads get pet oxygen masks

17 masks donated by two local companies

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Henry County rescue squads are now better equipped to help save the lives of pets.

A Martinsville orthodontist donated five pet oxygen masks after hearing about a recent fire in the county.

Several dogs suffered smoke inhalation during the fire.

The donation prompted the county rescue squad association's president, Travis Pruitt, to research the masks.

He was able to get a Salem company to donate an additional 12 masks.

The 17 masks are the first the rescue squads have ever had.

In the past, a human oxygen mask has been used on pets, but Pruitt said they don't work as well as a pet oxygen mask.

“(The pet oxygen masks) simply slide right on. There’s an instruction packet in each of the kits. We just take the animal’s weight and it tells us how much oxygen to give them, we plug it up, and that’s all it is,” Pruitt said.

The rescue squads are hoping to get a few more masks.

If you would like to help, contact Pruitt at the Ridgeway Rescue Squad at 276-956-2811.

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