'It really blew me away': Mother thanks firefighters for holding birthday party for son

Firefighters held party after learning boy loves firefighters

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – There were no presents or cake Wednesday, just 3-year-old Quinn Gravely indulging his love for firefighters.

His mother, Jennifer Gravely, said Quinn was just as happy Wednesday as he was at his birthday party last Monday.

As we reported, firefighters held a birthday party for Quinn.

“Spraying the hose, I think, is his number one favorite thing to do,” Jennifer said.

Quinn is the son of former Martinsville Commonwealth's Attorney Clay Gravely.

Clay died from cancer in 2017.

For Jennifer, seeing Quinn have such an apparent passion for the people who serve the city just like his father did makes her happy.

“All these firefighters, they knew my husband, Clay Gravely, very well and he knew them. So it’s really neat for (Quinn) to be able to have a connection in town who also serve this community," Jennifer said. "Since he doesn’t have a father present, it’s really special for me to see him connect with father figures outside the home.”

Capt. Tim Jamison and the rest of the firefighters on his shift organized the birthday party after a friend of the Gravelys called the fire department and offered to bring the firefighters lunch so Quinn could eat with them.

“We all bought presents and balloons. Mike here worked out getting a cake made,” Jamison said.

He said the firefighters may have even been more excited for the party than Quinn was.

“We’ve kind of adopted him on this shift. We let it be known that they are welcome any time and that they can stop by," Jamison said. "Hopefully, he can grow up still enjoying the fire service, and maybe we’ll have a future firefighter on our hands at some point."

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