More than 200 Franklin, Patrick County kids receive brand-name clothing donations

Kidbox selects STEP's Head Start program for 50 States of Giving campaign

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – More than 200 children in Franklin and Patrick counties are heading home Wednesday night with brand-new clothes, thanks to donations from Kidbox.

STEP's Head Start program offers early childhood education for low-income families, which makes these donations extra special.

"I’m just overwhelmed at their kindness because it goes along with STEP's mission. We show kindness in trying to help other people," said Shirley Wells, director of early childhood education at STEP.

That's what attracted Kidbox to select STEP as the only Virginia recipient for its 50 States of Giving campaign.

"It’s this generational gap of kindness throughout the community that I think that they're filling," Kidbox community mom Melissa Sheets said.

Sheets travels across the country handing out donations to kids in need. This time, she said the donations total about $35,000, which comes out to roughly $160 per child.

"We really feel like that infuses so much confidence in a child when it's brand-new, it's theirs and it's just as good as what anybody else has," Sheets said.

Kidbox is hoping to spread kindness and set off a chain reaction.

"I felt so blessed because we were chosen, but what I would love to see continue is the act of kindness that they have shown all 218 of our students, that we pay it forward and that our families will be so appreciative that they do the same," Wells said.