Roanoke County approves new softball fields for local teams

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. –  New softball fields could soon be coming to Roanoke County.

Tuesday night, the Roanoke Couny Board of Supervisors approved plans to rezone land so the Virginia "Class Action" Softball Club, also known as the Scrappers, can build two new fields near Pioneer Drive and Glade Creek Road.

The new fields will give all eight teams and 100 girls a practice space to call home. Plus, they can rent out the space to the community. Teams raised about $110,000 and worked with neighbors to address traffic and parking concerns. Now, they can't wait to break ground.

"Everybody's excited, from the players from all the parents, the grandparents, all the board members, all the coaches," said Richard Ewers, the Virginia Scrappers president. "It's a complete 100 percent 'go' from everybody."

The club hopes to finish construction on the fields in the next year and a half.

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