Cohen testimony just a footnote in history, 10 News Political Analyst says

Michael Cohen is President Trump's former personal attorney

ROANOKE Co., Va. – 10 News Political Analyst Dr. Ed Lynch said Wednesday's testimony by Michael Cohen will more than likely just be a footnote in the history books and isn't likely to have any major impact on the future, despite being one of the most anticipated hearings in recent times.

"Essentially today's hearing will give people who already don't like President Trump something to talk about with other people who already don't like President Trump," Lynch said.

Cohen is headed to jail and said he wanted to right his wrongs.

"I am thankful to Chairman Cummings for giving me the opportunity today to tell my truth and I hope that, as Chairman Cummings said, it helps in order to heal America," Cohen said before the House Oversight Committee.

Democrats and Republicans fell to a sharp divide Wednesday with Democrats asking questions of Cohen and Republicans trying to discredit the star witness, calling his motives into question.

"He has already given his own credibility quite a hit just in the way he's approached these hearings and approached his recent relationship with the President, he almost sounds like a jilted lover," Lynch said.

Republicans wondered how a man going to jail for lying can be believed now, but top Democrats said he's telling the truth and the hearing was warranted.

"Part of that Constitution says that we have to be a check and balance on the Executive Branch, that's what this was all about," Committee Chairman  Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings said.

While those opposed to the President may feel vindicated, Lynch said President Trump's supporters won't be swayed.

"They've been listening to that kind of talk about President Trump for three years now, it hasn't had an impact so far, today isn't going to change that," Lynch said.

Lynch also called into question the timing of it all and said it may be Democrats' attempt to muddy the waters of the North Korean summit happening at the same time and take back some of the spotlight. He said we could see small progress from the summit, but that nothing major would be solved over just a few hours of glad-handing.

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