First State Bank historical marker unveiled in Danville

2019 is bank's 100th anniversary; was city's first bank for African-Americans

DANVILLE, Va. – There's a new sign in downtown Danville celebrating African-American history.

A state historical marker was unveiled outside Movement Bank on Thursday to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

The bank was the first in the city for African-Americans.

It also played a role during the civil rights movement.

In 1963, the bank posted bond for nearly two dozen African-Americans who were jailed after a demonstration.

"It is the 100th anniversary of First State Bank, now Movement Bank, but the important thing for us today is to celebrate the wonderful legacy of First State Bank," bank president David Rupp said.

"I'm hoping that when young people, as this area starts to grow, as young people attend whatever's down here, they say, 'Mom, Father tell me about this marker,'" Danville Mayor Alonzo Jones said. "There's a lot of history with this marker."

To learn more about the bank's history, click here.

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