Roanoke shooting victim left with bullet in head according to family's social media

The victim's family says she's 22 years old

ROANOKE, Va. – The woman shot in Roanoke Wednesday night will be released from the hospital soon, but still has many hurdles ahead. That's according to family updates on social media, although police haven't said much.

Roanoke police have not identified the victim but her family is posting updates on Facebook. 

The Thursday sun came up in Roanoke's Hurt Park neighborhood, but the light didn't expose much as to what happened the night before. Police said a woman was hit in the gunfire Wednesday night and taken to the hospital.

Tee Robinson posted on Facebook Thursday and said the victim is her 22-year-old daughter. Thursday night she said the doctors attempted to remove the bullet from her daughter's head but were unsuccessful. Robinson said in her post that her daughter will be released from the hospital Friday and they'll try to remove the bullet again in a few weeks.

Earlier in the day Thursday, Robinson posted about doctors making a decision on whether or not to attempt to remove the bullet, saying her daughter was alert and talking. Robinson said she feels like she's living a nightmare and wants to wake up.

David Robinson posted on Facebook that he is the victim's brother and shared Tee Robinson's posts. He posted shortly after the shooting saying he's hurt and told people to put the guns away.

Police have shared few details about what happened. They spent the hours after the shooting collecting evidence across two adjacent scenes on the corner of 17th Street and Salem Avenue. Tow trucks also towed away vehicles from the scene.

Investigators have not given a suspect description or any other details about this and said the investigation continues.

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