Vigil held for victims of violence living with disabilities

The event marked National Disability Day of Mourning

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – A vigil was held in the New River Valley to honor victims of violence who lived with disabilities.

A small group gathered at the New River Valley Disability Resource Center in Christiansburg to mark National Disability Day of Mourning.

They read poems and the names of Virginia residents who were killed by caregivers or family members.

Advocates say violence or hate crimes against people with disabilities is too frequent and it's important for everyone to remember their humanity and worth.

"I want better narratives for disabled people that recognize that our lives can be joyful and good -- not in spite of our disabilities -- but with them," said Ashley Shew, a board member for the resource center.

This was the first year the disability resource center hosted the vigil. Workers hope more people join next year.

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