Massive gator caught in Georgia

Gator was 13 feet, 4 inches long


SUMTER COUNTY, Ga. – A massive alligator was found Friday in a ditch in Sumter County, Georgia. A photo of the gator was posted on social media. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says the gator was 13 feet, 4 inches long, 57 inches in circumference and weighed over 700 pounds.

WALB-TV reports a farmer called the DNR after finding the gator in a ditch. The DNR says the gator had been in the ditch for a week and was in poor condition and was believed to be dying, so it had to be euthanized.

"Once we got him on a bank and could assess him, we noticed he had several injuries including previous gunshot wounds," said Brent Howze, a wildlife biologist for DNR.

It's believed the gator may have been 50 years old.

This article is courtesy of WJXT.