Candidate for Campbell County sheriff reacts to deputy pay comments

Campbell County was among the lowest pay for deputies

Courtesy of James Enoch, campaign manager
Courtesy of James Enoch, campaign manager

RUSTBURG, Va – Late Monday night, Sgt. Terry Cook, candidate for Campbell County sheriff, responded to an article calling the county a "revolving door" for deputies. 

The article, published by The News and Advance, was titled "'A revolving door': Lagging pay blamed for high deputy turnover in Lynchburg area."

Cook said he was not shocked that Campbell County was among the lowest in deputy pay. He wants the county to be the safest to live in. The men and women who are on the front lines protecting it should have pay that reflects their efforts, according to a statement he released Monday night. 

Cook says the sheriff's goal should be to run a financially responsible department, but his No. 1 goal is deputy pay, and he says Campbell County is falling behind on it. 

Cook has been with the department for nearly three decades and says he has seen many deputies come and go to seek better-paying jobs. 

If elected, Cook says he is committed to addressing the issue of deputy pay.