9th and Main Street closed in Lynchburg for Appalachian Power project

This will help power new apartments nearby

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The next time you're on Main Street in Lynchburg you may notice some road blocks.

This week, Appalachian Power started its "side street" project on Ninth and Main streets.

Workers closed the lower half of the block to replace and install a new underground vault to hold electrical equipment.

This will help power new apartments nearby.

The eight-week project is a precursor to the Main Street Renewal Project which is set to start in the fall.

"So you'll be seeing a lot of work happening on those side streets adjacent to Main Street, but again we will not be having anybody on Main Street or shutting down Main Street, until after the 5th Street project is complete. And after the Main Street bridge is completely open with no more work to be done on that," Jes Gearing with the Water Resources Department said.

City leaders hope to update business owners and residents in late April with dates for the Main Street Renewal Project.