Amherst Disaster Recovery Group needs helping hands for weekend cleanup

Amherst Habitat for Humanity holding bluegrass event, money help to families

ELON, Va. – Watching recent news coverage of the deadly tornado in Alabama serves as a somber reminder to Elon survivors.

"Every time there's another life that's lost down there, they're counting their blessings and hugging their children a little bit tighter, too. "We didn't have to deal with that. Thankfully," Debra Habel, executive director for Amherst Habitat for Humanity, said.

Almost a year since an EF3 tornado damaged the Elon community, the fundraisers continue. 
Amherst Habitat for Humanity's annual bluegrass event is on Saturday.

A portion of the money raised will help an Elon family rebuild and move into a new home.

"They had the most severe physical injuries in the storm, and due to infections and other things like that, they're in a dire situation right now," Habel said.

Meanwhile, helping hands are desperately needed in some backyards.

"So what you see all down through here are some of the last things that we need to address," Barry Tucker, the chairman and volunteer coordinator for Amherst Disaster Recovery Group, said while pointing to a nearby creek.

If weather permits, next weekend, March 14 through 16, the Amherst Disaster Recovery Group will need at least 40 volunteers to clean up nearby creeks filled with tree limbs, debris and brush.

"We're looking for volunteers, folks that could do some sawing of wood (if) they got chainsaws. We're looking for folks that may be close by that could bring their tractor to help move some of the bigger stuff," Tucker said.

The recovery group said recovering takes time, but replanting will make the process worth it.

"Working together and blending our resources, we can all be better off," Habel said.

If you're interested in helping Amherst Disaster Recovery Group clean up neighborhood creeks, send an email to volunteeradrg@gmail.com.

If you want to attend the bluegrass event, click here: https://academycenter.org/event/working-on-building-2019/.