Case closed for man accused of beating up veteran, setting fire to his apartment

Omarr Martin received his sentence Tuesday


ROANOKE, Va. – A man accused of beating up another man and setting his Roanoke apartment on fire learned his punishment Tuesday.

A judge sentenced 22-year-old Omarr Martin to serve five years of a 15-year sentence on wounding and arson charges. He had already pleaded no contest to the charges related to a fire and injuries to 72-year-old veteran Skip Kakert in 2017.

In court, Martin claimed he reacted with violence that day because Kakert made unwanted sexual advances toward him.

According to prosecutors statements in court and statements the victim has made to 10 News, the two men had an argument, Martin beat up Kakert, stole money from him, tied up his wrists and ankles and left him for dead in his bathtub while he set his apartment on fire.

A judge also ordered Martin to pay the victim $1,325 in damages. Martin received five years for the wounding charge and 10 years for the arson charge.

Prosecutors said Tuesday in court that the fire caused $50,000 to $60,000 in damage.

Kakert told 10 News he barely survived the attack in his Colonial Avenue apartment. A neighbor heard his screams and helped him escape. He’s told 10 News he’s doing fine and is grateful for the donations he’s received.