With kitten season likely to begin soon, shelters emphasizing importance of spaying, neutering

During kitten season, shelters see influx of kittens, cats

DANVILLE, Va. – Local animal shelters are reminding you to get your pets spayed and neutered if you haven't already.

This time of year is usually the beginning of kitten season, when lots of kittens come into shelters because cats are having litters.

Danville Area Humane Society Executive Director Paulette Dean said kitten season is always challenging for the shelter.

"We get hundreds during the summer. As soon as it starts to warm up, cats are going to start having kittens and we will get them. Our cat room will be filled," Dean said.

The shelter has a program to help pet owners pay for spay and neuter surgery.

"We offer a rebate program. It's $75 for the citizens of Danville and $50 for Pittsylvania County," Dean said. "All you need to do is pick up a certificate at least a day before you take the animal in for the surgery."

If you'd like to help the shelter, cat food for adult cats, formula for kittens, newspaper and gently used towels are needed.