First NCAA Division III Wrestling Championship comes to Roanoke

ROANOKE, Va.- – The Star City will be the stage to a national championship competition for the next two days. Ferrum College is the host to the 2019 NCAA Division III Wrestling National Championship.

Wrestlers from schools and universities across the county are competing at the Berglund Center. This is the first time the division is holding the wrestling championship in Virginia. 
The teams said they are excited to be in Roanoke. 

"I think the biggest thing is just the excitement of the sport. You have the best competitors from all over the country. It is a very exciting sport. It's not a three-hour football game. It is a seven-minute match. For those that are familiar with ultimate fighting, similar type goals, but obviously different scoring," said Eric Van Kley, Div. III Wrestling Committee chair. 

The tournament begins Friday at 11 a.m. 

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