Walmart employees in Virginia split $6.2M in cash bonuses

Nationwide, associates will share nearly $207 million in bonuses


RICHMOND, Va. – After a strong fourth quarter, Walmart associates are receiving bonuses.

More than 912,000 Walmart U.S. associates will receive a share of nearly $207 million in cash bonuses, as the company experienced a strong 4.2 percent growth in fourth-quarter comparative sales. 

In Virginia, associates will be awarded approximately $6.2 million for fourth quarter performance.

"Our associates are the backbone of our company, and I am incredibly proud of their tremendous work this quarter," said Brent Rains, Regional General Manager for Walmart. "Their focus on our customers and providing them with a fast and friendly experience is a huge part of our overall success in Virginia. These bonuses are a way to thank them for their hard work and let them know we appreciate their contribution in stores across the state." 

Both full- and part-time associates are eligible for cash bonuses based on store performance. 

For the full fiscal year, Walmart U.S. associates received nearly $800 million in store performance-based bonuses.

In Virginia, associates shared more than $26.3 million in store performance-based bonuses for the full fiscal year. 

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