Roanoke County 4-H Club teaches kids lifesaving skills

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Police believe two little girls in northern California survived together for 44 hours in the woods thanks to wilderness training from the 4-H Club.

It's also something you may want to consider for your little ones.

The 4-H Club in Roanoke County works closely with researchers out of Virginia Tech and Virginia State University to find the best new programs for children.

According to the director, the programs aren't just about agriculture and farming, as children can learn potentially lifesaving skills.

"How to make a fire, how to read a compass, how to make a plan of what to do next, awareness skills. all of those things we teach and kids are excited about that," said Leslie Prillaman, Virginia Cooperative Extension Agent, Roanoke Valley. 

Now is also the perfect time to sign up for wilderness camp this summer.

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