43 indicted as part of 'Operation Ice Melt' on around 100 drug, gun charges

28 arrested, 15 at-large


APPOMATTOX, Va. – After a yearlong investigation, 43 people from central Virginia have been indicted on about 100 drug and gun charges as a part of "Operation Ice Melt," according to Virginia State Police. 

Arrests started Thursday morning at homes and motels across Appomattox and Campbell counties, and the charges stem from indictments from a Campbell County grand jury and a multi-jurisdictional grand jury. 

Authorities have arrested 28 people, and they continue to search for an additional 15 people indicted as a part of the investigation. Three of the people indicted have been charged with selling meth within 1,000 feet of an elementary school. 

Police found more than 3,000 grams of meth, 200 grams of heroin, 50 grams of cocaine, 7,700 grams of marijuana, 250 MDMA tablets, 75 doses of morphine and 10 doses of acid and PCP totaling a street value of $647,063. 

Thirteen illegal guns were also recovered in Appomattox and Campbell counties as a part of this investigation. 

Indictments against the 28 arrested individuals include distribution of meth, conspiracy to distribute meth, distribution of heroin, distribution of cocaine, distribution of MDMA, distribution of a controlled substance, distribution of a schedule I/II drug, possession of a schedule I/II drug while in possession of a gun, felon in possession of a gun, conspiring to distribute a controlled substance, destruction of property, probation violation and driving as a habitual offender. 

Arrested individuals were taken to Blue Ridge Regional Jails in Rustburg and Amherst. 

Anyone with information on the 15 fugitives is asked to call the Campbell County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number at 434-332-9580. 

Below are the individuals arrested as a part of Operation Ice Melt: 

  • Victoria Sumpolec
  • James Timmy Scott
  • Cody Lipscomb
  • Andrew Simpson
  • Jonathan Ward
  • Jason Rhuland
  • Michael Pennell
  • Larry Grishaw
  • Jerry Lowden
  • Gaige Wade
  • Devon McCoy
  • Jarrett Doss
  • Bridget Martin
  • Emmanuel Whiting
  • William Brooks
  • Nicholas Ansbaugh
  • Samantha Ansbaugh
  • Kristopher Howard
  • Karla Whitehead
  • Leroy Dews
  • Joseph Tweedy Jr. 
  • Thomasina Wood
  • Laura Ayers
  • Rodney Biglow
  • Ricky Hodges
  • Kristy Ratliff
  • James Amerman
  • Charles Rice

The following people are fugitives of Operation Ice Melt: 

  • Michael Donald
  • Jennifer King
  • Michael Patria
  • Jeremy Rose
  • Christopher Wood
  • Sherman Hackett
  • Rafael Watkins
  • Carmen Irby
  • George Billy Harmon
  • Christopher Campbell
  • Jamie Morgan
  • Ryan Martin
  • Jacob Kersey
  • Amanda Wood
  • Melanie Irby

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