Free rides offered during St. Patrick's Day celebrations to curb drunk driving

Program offered through Big Lick Boomerang


ROANOKE – Keeping St. Patricks Day festivities safe, a free ride home is available for those celebrating in downtown Roanoke with Big Lick Boomerang.

Owner Diane Rumbolt said local businesses have donated money for a community safety fund aimed at reducing the number of drunken driving-related accidents.

Big Lick Boomerang, a unique chauffeur service that will drive customers home in their own vehicle, is offering free rides thanks to those donations.

The average ride of 8 miles for $35 will be offered up for free Saturday to customers needing a designated driver to take them home. Rumbolt said free rides will be offered until the total amount in pre-paid rides is used.

Big Lick Boomerang is still collecting donations to the fund. For more information visit its Facebook page.

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