Martinsville Speedway campers looking forward to nice weather for races

Last year, races postponed due to snow


“We’ve been waiting for a while. This is our inaugural trip for the year,” camper Amanda Schlee said about coming to Martinsville Speedway for the races.

 Schlee is excited to be back at Martinsville Speedway after missing the spring race last year.

 "It’s the campground and spending time with your family, going down and looking at all the trailers and watching the race, watching Kyle Bush win," Schlee said when asked what her favorite thing about race weekend is.

She thinks Bush will win this weekend and will end the season with eight wins.

 Joe Thomas compares Martinsville Speedway to Augusta National Golf Club.

 Although, the roar around the turns at the speedway might be slightly louder than the roars around Amen Corner but that’s beside the point.

“We love the racing. To me, it’s like history. Golf has Augusta and baseball has Wrigley Field. They’ve been racing here since the '40s in the same track, so it’s like a piece of NASCAR history," Thomas said. "I’m a fan of Kevin Harvick. My wife was a Jeff Gordon fan. She roots for the TV broadcast now.”

 TJ Fasnacht has been coming to Martinsville for 15 years.

 “We toss the pigskin every now and then, throw a couple baseballs around, just hang out, man," Fasnacht said when asked how he has fun at the speedway. "It’s March Madness season, so we’re probably going to have that on TV tonight. Them over there, they’re from North Carolina. She works for Duke and her husband likes North Carolina, so I don’t know how that happened.”