Queer Eye fans raise thousands to send Jess back to college

Jess was kicked out at the age of 16

@jesslayica Instagram
@jesslayica Instagram

Queer Eye fans are showing some love to a woman featured on the newest season of the popular Netflix show. 

Jess Guilbeaux, from episode five of season three, was disowned at the age of 16 from her adoptive family because she was outed as a lesbian. She's 23 now and has been on her own financially ever since. 

The emotional episode follows Jess through her journey to self-confidence, as the Fab 5 guide her to her a new look, new furnishings, and a rekindled relationship with her sister.

She started taking classes at the University of Kansas as a computer science major but had to drop out due to debt and has been working as a waitress. Now, fans of the show who were moved by her story are raising money to send her back.

In five days, the GoFundMe has raised over $43,000. Fans are leaving words of encouragement on the page, and many in the LGBTQ community are sharing their own, similar stories. 

Click here if you'd like to contribute to the fund.