Virginia University of Lynchburg to host forum after traffic stop

Lynchburg PD, local NAACP chapter to come to campus


LYNCHBURG, Va. – A traffic stop involving Virginia University of Lynchburg football players will lead to a conversation on campus.

Four VUL football players ended up in handcuffs after Lynchburg police officers pulled over their car for a broken brake light Tuesday. No one was arrested, but football coach Bobby Rome took time to talk to his players Friday.

"There's going to be a time when these young men are getting pulled over again, and I think they need to know and understand how to conduct themselves during a stop," said Rome.

The university has set up a community dialogue between students, the Lynchburg Police Department and the local chapter of the NAACP for Tuesday.

Rome is optimistic the upcoming conversation can help rebuild trust between VUL students and law enforcement.

"The more these situations come to light and the more we're not afraid to talk about them, I think everybody learns," Rome said. "We understand it's 2019, and now is the time for the whole community to work together."

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