5 tips for reducing muscle soreness after a tough workout


Getting sore after a workout is no fun. While it's typically not serious, it can put a dent in your exercise plan. Here are some tips to help you recover faster. 

A study found that having a cup of coffee before a workout reduced fatigue and muscle soreness. 

Another suggestion is to eat cherries. Researchers from England studied marathoners who drank tart cherry juice and found they had better muscle recovery and function. 

Experts also recommend that you keep moving after a tough workout. 

"It can definitely be just going for a walk, getting on a bike, going for a swim," said Liz Yerly, with the Chicago Recovery Room. "Keep your body moving so you don't have a chance to get stiff, or have some of the metabolites or toxins that build up during a workout session."

Many athletes use massages. At home, you can use foam rollers or lacrosse balls. 

If you're looking to take it easy, add one or two boxes of Epsom salt to a warm bath. This helps your skin absorb magnesium and relaxes your muscles.