Two special elections upcoming for Campbell County

Elections are April 2, April 7


CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – While we're still two months away from June primaries, the polls will be open in Campbell County in back-to-back Tuesdays to decide two different issues.

First, on April 2, a special election will be held to decide whether to establish a Timberlake Watershed Improvement District.

One precinct will vote either yes or no on this question:

"Shall a watershed improvement district be created of the lands described below and lying in the County of Campbell, Virginia? The proposed Timberlake Watershed Improvement District is as follows: all Campbell County, Virginia properties having shoreline on Timberlake, Buffalo Creek, Waterlick Creek, and Brown's Creek that are located inside the perimeter created by Timberlake Drive, South Timberlake Drive, and Old Plantation Drive, inclusive of the Timberlake Dam and the emergency and primary spillways, a territory that is contiguous and all one watershed; and The proposed method of real estate assessment shall be a tax on all real estate within the proposed Timberlake Watershed Improvement District."

A week later, April 9, the polls will be open for the entire county as a meals tax will be up for a vote.

County resients will vote either yes or no on this question:

"Shall the Campbell County Board of Supervisors be authorized to implement a meals tax on prepared food and beverages sold outside the limits of the Towns of Altavista and Brookneal in an amount not to exceed 4%, such funds to be directed to support government services to include schools and capital projects? If this food and beverage tax is adopted and a maximum tax rate of four percent (4%) is imposed, then the total tax imposed on all prepared food and beverage shall be 9.3% (4% meals tax + 5.3% state sales tax)."

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