Frog statue of the '16 Frogs' Blacksburg project reported stolen from Odd Fellows Hall

Third time a frog statue has been stolen

Courtesy of 16 Frogs: Blacksburg Watershed Initiative
Courtesy of 16 Frogs: Blacksburg Watershed Initiative

BLACKSBURG, Va. – One of the frog statues placed around Blacksburg was reported stolen this weekend. 

The '16 Frogs' Blacksburg Watershed Initiative reported that Gilbert Vaughn, one of the frog statues that was installed at Odd Fellows Hall, was stolen. 

The stolen frog is one of the 16 frogs installed all around the town of Blacksburg as part of a public art project. 

The '16 Frogs' project is entirely community-funded and was created to raise awareness for water preservation and improving water quality, as well as Blacksburg's community heritage. 

According to a Facebook post from the Blacksburg Watershed Initiative, this is the third time one of their permanently mounted frog statues was stolen. 

After the first one was stolen, the initiative had them removed and had the underside spot-welded to enable more secure bolting to the surface. Since then, the initiative claims two more frogs have been stolen, either with crowbars or a hack-saw. 

Officials with the initiative asked members of the community to be on the lookout for the frog's whereabouts and they hope that someone returns him to his post.