Hokies react to Buzz Williams leaving for Texas A&M

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Buzz Williams was certainly the buzz on campus Wednesday, but it was really more of a buzzkill. 

The Hokies saw their basketball program soar under this head coach, and now many are considering this their biggest loss all season. 

"He really does love to be the underdog, he was the underdog at Marquette ... but he had a lot of great players, and he had a lot of great players here," said Clint Mcleod, a Virginia Tech sophomore. "I think that's a product of his mentality, his work ethic and just his whole culture. He's not a basketball coach he's a life coach." 

Hokie fans called Wednesday's news a foul with a heartbreaking end to a historic season. 

"I think it's definitely sad. I think our basketball team is really carrying us this year," said Kathryn Weisbrodt, a Virginia Tech junior. "So, it's really definitely a bummer to know that he's not gonna be leading us anymore." 

The basketball team finally made its name known in the powerhouse Atlantic Coast Conference. Most Virginia Tech fans 10 News spoke with remain optimistic that legacy will continue without Williams, but others aren't so hopeful.  

"I think that they're definitely going to get worse, a lot worse," said Mason Gaier, a Virginia Tech freshman. 

Still though, many fans say it makes sense for Williams to go home, and they're grateful for the time he spent in Blacksburg 

"I mean, it's disappointing. Great coach, really great season this year, obviously, and you respect the guy. A little sad that he's leaving but you know, once a Hokie always a Hokie," said Samantha Druhot, a freshman at Virginia Tech. 

Lots of fans told 10 News they can understand why Williams didn't turn down the offer, returning to his home state of Texas for more money -- they just wish Tech had offered him more to stay.