Parental involvement affects children's weight, study finds


Obesity impacts one out of every five American children. Now, a recent study looks to see how a parent's involvement in their child's life may affect their weight. 

It shows the more parents are connected with their kids, the better the outcomes. 

Researchers studied parental "general monitoring," including keeping tabs on spending, friends, and whereabouts. They found children whose parents were more in-tune with their child's life had healthier weight-related behaviors and spent less time in front of screens. 

The parents didn't have to talk about food or weight behaviors to have this positive effect. 

"Parents should know that providing the nurturing environment is the most important thing that they can do," said Dr. Kasey Goodpaster with the Cleveland Clinic. "It's having involvement in their children's lives, communicating, time spent with their children that seems to make a big difference."

It's recommended that parents talk openly about making healthy choices and not focus on statements about weight.