Potential budget cuts could impact Lynchburg bus services

GLTC says proposed cuts include eliminating two bus driver positions

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Dexter White is one of the 2,500 people who ride Lynchburg buses every day.

Over the years, he’s also developed a friendship with the drivers.

“We can’t afford to lose Paul. He’s one of the friendliest drivers. He has a good rapport with the riders,” White said.

At the request of city leaders, the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company was asked to make cuts in its budget.

GLTC’s total budget is $8.2 million. Transportation leaders say the city’s portion includes $1.6 million and cutting 5percent of that would mean, “In order to make the budget balance. We had to factor in the elimination of two driver positons, which would result in a reduction of service to the city,” Brian Booth, GLTC manager, said.

Booth said it isn't known yet which routes would see changes.

“We don’t anticipate having to cut entire routes, but a particular route may not start as early or run as late in the day,” Booth said.

With 65 drivers on the payroll Booth tells 10 News they’re currently understaffed with five vacant positions.

“We aren’t anticipating to have to eliminate staff or lay off. We would just absorb vacant positions, is what we’re looking at,” Booth said.

“If they lose two drivers that’s going to make it even worse, cause I’ve seen days where the supervisor had to run a route until a driver came in,” White said.

While GLTC waits for state and federal dollars to roll in later this month they hope to have a balanced budget by this summer and not make any cuts. White, who could be hurt by the impact says, “They need to add service not cut service.”

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