Danville police test new drone

Officers are training to use new equipment

DANVILLE, Va.Danville police are taking their training to new heights.  On Thursday, police officers practiced flying their new drone.

The department bought the drone back in February. Since then, five officers have been training every week to learn how to use it.

The drone can fly up about 400 feet in the air, and one battery lasts about 30 minutes.

It features an infrared camera and has a night vision lens.

The drone can spot a person a few miles away and uses real-time video to help police with search and rescue missions.

"It gives us an extra pair of eyes. You know, when somebody's loved one goes missing, you're going to want all you can use, and it's good to have that," said Cpl. D.C. Ferguson, from the department.

Police will train with the drone periodically. They expect to start using it on the job this spring.

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