Grandfather joins tree sitters in protest against Mountain Valley Pipeline

Aerial blockade in Montgomery County slows pipeline progress

Appalachians Against Pipelines
Appalachians Against Pipelines

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – A 69-year-old grandfather is the latest to take on the Mountain Valley Pipeline by sitting in a tree. 

Scott Ziemer, who lives in Albemarle County, has relieved one of the tree sitters making up an aerial blockade in Montgomery County. 

The pipeline path has been blocked for 212 days so far, according to Appalachians Against Pipelines. 

Ziemer says he has worked in the outdoors almost his entire life.

"By occupying a tree sit in the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, I am adding my voice to those who are fighting to slow down and stop the burning of fossil fuels, which are the primary cause of climate change," Ziemer said in a statement. 

In late December 2018, Mountain Valley Pipeline requested an injunction against the tree sitters and other protestors.