Lynchburg YWCA saw more than 800 sexual assault cases last year

Advocates are holding public events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

LYNCHBURG, Va. – It’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month and in Lynchburg advocates are working to educate the public on the issue.

Officials with the YWCA and Sexual Assault Response Program say last year, they saw more than 800 sexual assault victims and a majority of them were children. 

The advocacy groups are holding events throughout the month. 

One of the activities is the presentation of a documentary that talks about untested rape kits throughout the country. 

“It’s very important to educate the public on the fact that there are thousands of rape kits that go untested across the country. And that there is some sort of a crisis behind this. It’s important to remember behind each rape kit there is actually a human being,” Amber Blair, victim advocate with SARP, said.

On April 23 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., the YWCA, SARP and Liberty University School of Nursing will have interactive experiences that demonstrate various option a survivor can face.

The YWCA invites people to join it in observing Denim Day on April 24.