North Carolina couple celebrates 82 years of marriage

D.W. Williams is 103 years old and his bride, Willie, is 100


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A North Carolina husband and wife have been married longer than U.S. life expectancy.

Daniel Williams, 103, and his wife, Willie, 100, recently celebrated their 82nd wedding anniversary.

Together, the Charlotte, North Carolina, couple share one daughter and one granddaughter.

While they don't get out much these days, they do make it to church every Sunday, sitting in the front pew at First Mayfield Memorial Baptist.

The Williams said they don't have any secrets to their longevity; all they have is love for each other and God, who they say is solely responsible for their 82 years together. 

"People might not believe but we have never been the type that will fuse and fight. We just find funny things to talk about," said Willie Williams.