Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine introduces replacement for Obamacare

Medicare-X would provide quality, low-cost care to all Americans

WASHINGTON – Sen. Tim Kaine is reintroducing a plan to replace Obamacare. 

He says Medicare-X would provide quality, low-cost health insurance to every American.

It uses the Medicare system to offer more options to people living in areas with limited choices under the Affordable Care Act. That includes 62 localities in the commonwealth.

Kaine says the competition would drive down costs, something he hopes Republicans will support.

"It provides an additional choice in every ZIP code in this country at a lower cost. I don't think my Republican colleagues, as time goes by, are going to tolerate having vast swathes of their population not being able to get competitively priced policies," said Kaine. 

Kaine says the plan would increase tax credits to help more people who can't afford it pay for their insurance.