2019 GW boys basketball state championship team's legacy grows

All nine seniors on team accepted into college

DANVILLE, Va. – The legacy of the 2019 GW High School boys basketball team continues to grow.

The team won the school's first boys basketball state championship in 21 years.

Now, all  nine seniors on the team have been accepted to college.

Carl Poole Jr. and his brother Carlos and five other seniors on the basketball team took to the gym this week, reminiscing about their championship and thinking about college.

"In my household, we'll be the first to attend college," Carl said.

"It's really like a dream, like a dream come true," Carlos said.

They're both going to Old Dominion University to play football.

Nyrek Wheeler is another senior continuing his athletic career.

"It's an exciting feeling," Wheeler said.

The seniors are just as good in the classroom, though, as they are on the court.

In fact, the average GPA on the basketball team this year was 3.1.

Cadrein Cunningham plans to major in mechanical engineering.

"It stood out to me when I was picking a major," Cunnigham said.

Tamasjai Reaves and Meco Wiggins Jr. say a college education is important to them.

"I've been thinking about it for the last two years," Reaves said.

"When I first applied, I didn't get accepted, but I just didn't give up. I wrote essays and resumes," Wiggins Jr. said.

Shunta Wilson said the senior class's success sends an important message to younger players.

"Hard work and dedication pays off," Wilson said.

Coach Jermaine Parker looks forward to seeing them continue to carry out that message on and off the court.

"They come from good backgrounds and I wouldn't take anything for these guys," Parker said.