'Room to Bloom' takes shape in Roanoke County

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – A new coworking space for startup businesses is coming to Roanoke County.

The space, which will be called "Room to Bloom" is taking shape near Tanglewood Mall.

Beacon Partners Consulting took over the space below their office and hope to launch Room to Bloom in that space by the summer.

Beacon hopes having several small businesses in one space will allow all of them to flourish.

 "There's a lot of opportunity for businesses to grow and there's a lot of businesses that want to grow and are looking for a path to get there," said Brandon Muse, with Beacon Partners Consulting. "As we've heard that over and over again, we thought we would do our part to bring it all together and bring some good businesses together to see what we can make happen."

The companies in Room to Bloom will pay rent to Beacon, who will also offer them consultation services for free.

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