Local Elvis impersonator had Roanoke nursing home all shook up

ROANOKE, Va. – A local Elvis impersonator had this Roanoke nursing home all shook up. 

Taylor Rodriguez of Lynchburg sang to Dolly Hume, who is a huge Elvis Presley, fan at the Brandon Oaks Nursing and Rehab Center. 

Hume was named Star of the Day for April. The program is similar to Make-a-Wish but for adults. 

Staff say they hope they can make residents feel special by improving their quality of life.

"It's very rewarding, they live great lives (and we) try to make days as enriching as we can ... try to make them as happy as (we) can," said Stephen Davies, activities director at Brandon Oaks. 

The Elvis impersonator is well-known. He's even been named one of the top five Elvis tribute artists by Graceland.

He ended his visit by making Hume's day with a kiss on the cheek.