Campbell County residents vote in favor of meals tax

County leaders say the 4% meals tax could bring in $1.6 million


Campbell County residents have voted in favor of the meals tax, but it was a close call. 

Just over 53 percent of voters voted yes, while just under 47 percent of voters voted no. 

On Tuesday, Campbell County voters will decide whether they want a meals tax the next time they dine out.

County leaders say the 4% meals tax could bring in $1.6 million.

They want to use the money to expand broadband service in underserved areas, replace public safety’s radio communication system and set up an improvement fund for Campbell County Public Schools.

Supports say surrounding areas are doing it, and it's time for Campbell County to be progressive.

“The county’s been holding back for years, and like I said, teachers and the policemen need more money,” David Hamlet, voter, said. 

This is the third time the county has tried to pass the meals tax.

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