Fans celebrate on campus as UVA wins

Thousands of fans watched Monday night at John Paul Jones arena.

Thousands of fans watched Monday night, cheering for every basket on the Cavaliers' home floor in Charlottesville.  

It was an emotional night at John Paul Jones arena as fans yelled and screamed throughout the game, then rushed the court as continued to party as the clock hit zero.

It left some nearly speechless.

"Oh my God.  I'm ecstatic.  This is incredible," said UVA student Lyren Bly.

For others, it was the end of a long journey.

"Me and my girls have watched every single game.  I don't know what else they could do, how much my heart can take.  It's been fantastic," said UVA fan Ed Gillon.

It's a finale many feared would never happen.

"At some point I just thought, I don't know if they can do it, but they came through in the end and they did it," said Mary Gillon.

For many fans, it's a night they will not soon forget.