Local business steps in to help feed Buena Vista students

A local school system has received a gift that'll help it continue to feed students.

Crews worked to prepare a truck once owned by Dominion Energy for a new task -- delivering lunches to Buena Vista students. 

"We have a van much like that to distribute food throughout the cafeterias in the city, and it's shot," said John Keeler, superintendent of Buena Vista City Public Schools. "I couldn't afford a vehicle like this if I had to go out and budget for it, so it makes a huge difference." 

With keys in hand, the company is gifting the school system this much-needed truck to continue the job of transporting lunches for more than 600 students at three different schools. 

"It feels great. It lets everybody know that we are one and we're part of this local community," said Daniel Fesler with Dominion Energy.  

Debbie Gilbert, principal at Parry McCluer Middle School reached out to Dominion Energy and asked if they could help out because the old truck had no more miles to give. 

Not only will the new truck help transport lunches during the school year, but it'll also help feed students during the summer.

"I do think our kids are appreciative of the fact that somebody has done something for them. They may not know what it is exactly but they do know that things that happen for them just don't happen without somebody doing something," said Gilbert.

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