Roanoke Kiwanis Club recognizes heroic first responders

Cops, firefighters, medics honored Wednesday saved lives

ROANOKE, Va. – The Roanoke Kiwanis Club paid tribute to some of the Star City's best and bravest people on Wednesday.

During its monthly meeting, the organilzation recognized cops, firefighters and first responders in the area who went above and beyond. In many cases, the actions of the people they honored were life-saving.

"It's just amazing what they risk and what they do and that they survive it," said Roanoke Kiwanis Club President Jenny Lee.

The honorees included Officer Timothy Donathan of the Roanoke Police Department, who talked a man out of suicide.

"In 16 years here, I've seen too many things that remind me of what the alternative could have been," Donathan said.

Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Captain Brandon King was recognized for saving two people from October's floods, including pulling an elderly woman out of her basement.

"We crawled in the window, went down the steps, and wrapped her, brought her up the steps just in the nick of time," King said.

Both King and Donathan say that the nature of their job goes beyond being recognized.

"I appreciate the award and everything but to me, it's like rewarding one piece of the entire puzzle," Donathan said.

"It feels good knowing that we made a difference and that someone's family member is still here because of something we did," King added.


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